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Jeff Gerstmann: Games are maturing and games are evolving. And that’s not a political statement. That’s just a reality. So, the people taking that to mean we’re getting political, like, that just makes me think that they’re out of touch with, kind of, where stuff is heading. It’s not about, you know, drilling it into everyone’s skull. It’s not about, like, we’re going to hold your eyes open and force Gone Home into your eye sockets UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND. Uh. It’s just about saying that, like, not every game has to be for you. There are plenty of games I don’t like that other people do. And if people want to play Dark Souls, fine. I don’t have to. And that’s okay.

James Marion: You’ll eventually have to play Dark Souls.

Jeff Gerstmann: Damnit.


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I quite like what Gerstmann was saying here. Also, isn’t it interesting that many folks seem to be fine considering the possibility that a game might not be made for them, based on the game’s difficulty or genre…but the idea that a game might not be made for them based on it’s social or cultural themes and suddenly they flip the hell out.

How dare you make a game about lesbians in which there is no platforming or combat! That’s not even a game!


I hate modern military FPS’s, but don’t feel the need to get angry at the fact that modern military FPS’s exist.

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We have a new queen.

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"Did you just invite me to a place you’re not going to be?"

Brad Shoemaker

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