cosplayers understand my point

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Apple juice bothers me. It reminds me of elementary school and juice boxes, when we were all young and innocent. Now we are older and there's no more juice boxes or innocence.


Pour vodka into the apple juice and send yourself a lot of mixed messages.


so glad to finally get the Twiks Pean box set. love davie lunch movies!

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the fashion show went great, and my design won an honorable mention! only six of the forty-eight designs got awards, so it’s not a bad feeling at all

something tells me the marina hair was good luck B]

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This sums up my life pretty well


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my favorite thing about this post is how many people are getting mad at it. this was from a show on a Saturday morning block of G-rated television for children meant to make 6-year-olds hate him, in a transparently “I love broccoli and homework” way, and people older than 6 are actually getting defensive about it. gaming culture is amazing

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